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Teach Your Children to Use Gadget in Healthy Way Illustration - a girl spend her time with her gadget. (PHOTO: huffpost)

TIMESPAREPARE, JAKARTA – Digital technology has given either advantages and disadvantages especially for children. However too much gadget could ruin their lifestyle as well their health.

Taken from Bintang, these are several tips to make your children using gadgets in a healthy way.

1. Give it when they reach a proper age

What proper age do we discuss about? Well, a proper age where they have had an understanding and knows their own boundaries. It's usually at their school age.

2. Limit their time

Limiting their time to play gadget in a day could be the best solution for your issue. Limiting their time will lead them to healthier lifestyle. You could use an app that connect to your phone to check and organize their gadget.

3. Take them to sit with you and discuss the issue

You need to briefly describe the rule to your children. Briefly explain what the good and bad effect of using gadget especially when they took it for too long.

That's why you need to take them to sit for a while to discuss the issue and find out the best win-win solution so they won't feel distressed. Never give up to teach your children to use their gadget in a healthy way because you are the only one who care and responsible for their well being.

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